Test Results

We will usually send you a text message (if we hold your mobile number) to let you know the outcome of your test results, and whether you need to book an appointment to follow up.

You can view your test results online, if you have ‘detailed coded records access’ – if you don’t have this access already, this is really easy to set up and you just need to come to the practice (either of the buildings) with your identification.  We need to see your driving licence, or your passport and a utility bill.  Then we can get this set up so that you can view this online.

If you don’t have online access but would like to know the results of tests that we have ordered, please telephone us and select option 1, the patient services team will be able to tell you what your results are, but not interpret them for you.

If you have had tests that were ordered by a hospital or other clinical team, we will not be able to give you these results.  Results go back to the person or team that ordered them, and are their responsibility to action and communicate the results to you.