Dementia Friendly Practice

We are removing barriers that can be caused by the disease that may make coming to the practice more of a challenge than it needs to be. This will be achieved through:

  • We have researched a range of national resources, including Alzheimer’s UK, The Kings Fund and WAHSN to develop ‘best practice’ in this area
  • Development of a detailed plan
  • Commitment from all staff to embrace this change
  • Identification of our champions, Dr Jasmina Custovic (clinical) and Sophie Langford (non-clinical). Our champions will support the implementation of our plan and facilitate continuous development and ongoing integration of new staff

Changes you will see this year will include:

  • Changing the colour of the toilet seats. This contrast in colour reminds people with dementia of the purpose of the toilet/bathroom
  • Creating a ‘dementia friendly’ noticeboard. We will show the progress of our action plan and display any relevant information
  • Reviewing existing notices/noticeboards. To ensure we do not obstruct/confuse the view of patients with dementia whilst keeping all patients up to date with relevant health information
  • Ensure website contains information relevant to patients with dementia and their carers
  • Hanging art work near all seating areas. To provide interest whilst waiting

If you have any feedback, please email or ask reception for a “dementia friendly” feedback form.