Flu 2020

Flu vaccinations 2020

Over 65’s

Anyone over the age of 65 is eligible for a flu vaccination (or anyone who is turning 65 by 31/03/2020).

Clinics for these patients will be from Tuesday 22nd September onwards and invitations will start to be sent from 25th August.

50-64 years old (who are not in a clinical risk group)

These patients are classed as ‘wave 2’ by Public Health England (PHE) and at present PHE have provided no guidance as to how these patients will be managed.

These patients can pay for the vaccine at a pharmacy, or wait and possibly be vaccinated in practice later in the season (there is no guarantee this will happen, and is subject to national guidance on sourcing vaccinations).

Under 65’s in a clinical risk group

Patients in this group who would be eligible include

  • Pregnant women
  • Patients in a clinical risk group
    • Lung, heart, kidney, liver and neurological diseases
    • Diabetes
    • Suppressed immunity
    • BMI of 40 or above
  • Carers

Clinics for these patients will be from Friday 9th October onwards and invitations will start to be sent from 7th September.


2 and 3 year olds (born between 01/09/2016 and 31/08/2018) will be invited for a nasal flu vaccine at the practice (invites will be by letter from Child Health).

Clinics will be scheduled for mid November, once we receive the vaccines – we will be operating a waiting list for these patients.

Any children who fall into a clinical risk group will be invited along with under 65’s, and will be vaccinated by injection.

Clinic Information

Our clinic schedule is tied to the quantity of vaccines that will be delivered that week.

This means vaccinations can only be administered in these clinics so we don’t overbook.

For information on how we will be administering vaccinations in the practice, see the Flu Information post.