Covid Booster and 3rd Primary

Covid Booster

This is your third Covid-19 vaccination, and you are eligible 91 days (or roughly 3 months) after your second vaccination.

You will be contacted by NHS England to let you know when you should book in.

There are two ways to book an appointment:

Your GP practice cannot book you in, and we cannot bring your vaccination date forward.

3rd Primary

The 3rd primary vaccination is the same type of vaccination, but is given to patients that are immunocompromised and whose immune-response to the first two doses of the vaccination is likely to have been lower than the rest of the population. The intention is that this group have a 3rd primary vaccination at least 8 weeks after their 2nd vaccination, and will then still have their booster dose 6 months after their 3rd primary.

Patients will be receiving a letter from their consultant confirming that they are eligible for the 3rd primary vaccination, and where timing is crucial to their immune response to the vaccination, will specify the timing as to when the 3rd dose should be administered – as this ‘sweet spot’ in immune response will vary from person to person, and their individual treatment and circumstances.

We have also been advised that if you have received a text confirming you are eligible for the 3rd primary, you can take this text with evidence of identity, to one of the mass vaccination centres – please see for details.